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Moteurs Baudouin Genset

Founded in 1918 Headquarters at Cassis, France
Company History
Moteurs Business Segment Industrial Power Generation & Marine Employees: 18,000 Presence: More than 100 Countries Group: Part of US$ 35 Billion Group
> Started operation in INDIA in 2011
> Head Quarters & Manufacturing Plant at Hinjewadi Pune spread over 6 Acre
> Most modern engine manufacturing facility having test bench upto 2200 KWm
> State of the art assembly lines
> Whole system runs on SAP
> Factory trained Service set up across INDIA
> Authorized OEA's, Channel Partners across INDIA Moteurs

Moteurs Baudouin Advantages
Moteurs Engine Features: Blue is the New Green Moteurs
• Reliable and trusted brand in the world
• High Block loading load >55Oofor the complete range
• High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR)
• High Power to weight ratio
• Offering best in class fuel efficiency
• Low Lube oil Sump Capacity
• Low Coolant Capacity
• Three level fuel filter non sto oil filter chan eable even durin eration.

Readiness for future emission norms (CPCB-4+).
In order to meet these standards, we developed an optimized Selective Catalyst Reduction System (SCR) which is smaller, lighter and more flexible than most of the solutions available on the market today. The Moteurs SCR solution provides space and cost savings for our customers while maximizing performance and reliability.

Moteurs Baudouin Advantages - Built Moteurs
• HPCR (High Pressure Common Rail)
In HPCR system, the fuel is supplied to the engine under pressure with electronically controlled precision. This provides a level of flexibility which can be exploited for class leading levels of emission control, power and fuel consumption.

HPCR Benefits
Better fuel efficiency
Faster response to variable/sudden loads
Linear fuel consumption (fuel consumption is proportional to load on engine)
Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) are improved as a result of the timing flexibility so engine sounds quieter and runs smoother
Better combustion efficiency - Cleaner running improves the long-term durability and reliability of engine HCPR technology engine family engines will be migrated to CPCB4+ future norms
Moteurs Baudouin Advantages - Built
Base design from Marine background - robust and sturdy design
Engine Body - High-strength ductile iron body and a grid structure to enhance the strength of the cylinder Moteurs
Modular cylinder head design - To ensure uniform cooling to cylinder head firing surface, better combustion and ease of maintenance
Crank Shaft - High-strength alloy steel
Moteurs Baudouin Advantages - Built Special flat type oil pan - Improve reliaty.
High Strength Cylinder block - High resistance to vibrations and impact loads. Moteurs